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To Borrow is Human— to Forgive Debt is Divine

Cort addresses the escalating college tuition fees in the U.S. and the subsequent student loan debt crisis. He provides a comparative analysis of tuition costs across renowned institutions. The narrative also delves into President Biden's initiative to alleviate...

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

       My father was a newspaper man. After managing three newspapers in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where I was born, my dad became the editor of the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette. They were the morning and afternoon newspapers in Phoenix, Arizona,...

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Defending Women: The Birth of a Surprising Coalition

       Coalitions have long been a powerful tool for creating change in America. In 2008, for example, Barack Obama’s path to The White House was paved by a coalition of several voting blocs, including progressives, white working-class voters, racial minorities,...

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America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic: Six Ways to End It

       The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research group that tracks gun violence using police reports, news coverage, and other public sources, defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are killed or injured. As of March 27th, the archive had...

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Fertility Medicine In The Crosshairs

     Barbara and I were a happily married couple when we decided to try and have a family. We had no idea it would be difficult to get pregnant. For most of our young, single lives we feared getting pregnant. Then, when we wanted to, we couldn’t. Like so many couples,...

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