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Not Your Father’s America

An Adventure Raising Triplets
in a Country Being Changed by Greed

A Memoir by Cort Casady


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Barbara and Cort Casady were a happily married, double-income-no-kids (D.I.N.K.) couple when they decided to try and have a family. They had no idea they would struggle to get pregnant, suffer the loss of a baby girl born too soon, and then face the dangers and uncertainties of a high-risk triplet pregnancy and all that would entail.

When Barbara gets pregnant with triplets, fearing the possibility of another loss, they consult several experts about “reducing” the pregnancy from three to two. After balancing for weeks on what feels like a moral precipice, they finally decide to take their chances with three. Fortunately, all are born healthy and whole. Without the benefit of grandparents, however, they must dive in overwhelmed and outnumbered, to face the exhausting and unrelenting demands of caring for three babies at once. Finally, with the help of a nanny, they’re able to resume work in the throes of a demanding family life.

The blossoming of the boys into toddlers, preschoolers, adolescents, and teenagers is a thrilling, eye-opening, and charming relief. In addition to numerous anecdotes, stories, and humorous scenes, there are ingenious discoveries such as “Choice Person,” “Dad Think,” and “Unique Equals” that can benefit every parent.

Through it all, the author offers insightful commentary about his father’s America, the America he and his brothers came up in, and the America the triplets are inheriting. While the triplets are growing up, the book examines how economic injustice, deregulation, and greed are impacting and undermining the American experience. In sum, Not Your Father’s America paints a vivid portrait of an extraordinary family forged out of determination, patience, acceptance, discipline, and love. Lots of love.

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