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“Geez, another one of my pals, Cort Casady, has written another book. His third. This one is very personal. A memoir. We talk to Cort on the next GOOD ENOUGH podcast.

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The world is constantly changing —technology, sports, the environment, politics. So how do you raise a new generation of children in a country that’s changed so much from when you were a kid?

In his humorous and heartwarming memoir “Not Your Father’s America,” longtime Hollywood producer Cort Casady exposes the emotional turmoil, joys and challenges of bringing up triplets in an America vastly changed from the one in which he was raised.

Barbara and Cort were a happily married couple when they decided to have children. But they had no idea the struggle and dangers they would face getting pregnant, as well as a heartbreaking loss. When the couple finally become pregnant and safely deliver triplets, they must dive in — overwhelmed and outnumbered — to face the exhausting and unrelenting demands of caring for three babies at once.

Following the boys as they grow up, Casady includes numerous anecdotes, stories and ingenious discoveries that every parent can appreciate. Through it all, the author offers insightful

commentary about his father’s America, the America he and his brothers were raised in, and the America his sons are inheriting, all while examining how economic injustice, deregulation and greed are affecting and undermining the American experience.

“Not Your Father’s America” is a vivid account of an extraordinary family forged out of determination, patience, acceptance, discipline and love — lots of love.”